2017 BMW i3 Sees it’s Battery Capacity and Range Greatly Improved

One of the rumors making its way through the rumor mill has finally been confirmed: BMW has formally announced that the 2017 BMW i3 will be getting a new battery pack with increased storage capacity and longer range! Here at Tulley Automotive Group, we know that means more people will be able to make the switch to electric driving without having to compromise on how they use their vehicles. Take a look at the video below for further information.

The secret to the improved storage capacity and longer range is the use of new Samsung 94 Ah battery cells, which are the same size as the previous cells, but weigh slightly more. What you’ll get out of that slight increase in weight is a big increase to capacity and range—specifically, the battery’s capacity will grow by 50% while the range will grow slightly less, 40%. Practically, that grows the 2017 i3’s range from 81 miles per charge to 114.

For any drivers thinking about “going green” in their next car purchase, the 2017 BMW i3 with an increased range makes a compelling argument. You owe it to yourself to shortlist this one.


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