What's missing from the 2018 GMC Terrain? A shifter

Take your first glance at the interior of the 2018 GMC Terrain and you may notice something odd. The new Terrain has no shifter. GMC has replaced the traditional shifter with what they are calling Electronic Precision Shift or EPS.

EPS replaces the traditional shifter with a row of buttons and switches at the bottom of the center consol. Push buttons are there for park, neutral and low. Switches allow reverse and drive to be engaged. The move gives more space in the interior and allows for more storage.

The move toward nontraditional shifters has been a slow one with safety being a top concern. The EPS system sets itself apart with the different movement of the buttons so the driver knows what they are pushing. There are also safety elements built in while the vehicle is engaged. If you push P for park while driving on the highway, you get a warning that that feature is not available. Pressing N will shift the car into neutral and with the pull of the drive button, the transmission will engage right where it left off.

While the GMC Terrain is not autonomous, its technology is impressive. Stop by Tulley Automotive today and our staff will be glad to arrange a test drive of any of our GMC models. We are located at 170 Auto Center Road Manchester, NH.

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