Regular Cooling System Service Prevents Overheating

We have all seen it: the guy standing on the side of the road with his vehicle, the hood up with lots of steam coming from it. When the engine is overheated, your vehicle won't run and can actually become a potential fire hazard. Your engine can reach temperatures of 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. That's why properly a properly functioning radiator and cooling system is essential to its operation.

Vehicles experiencing problems with the radiator or cooling system will run hotter shortly after starting, or the temperature may continue to rise over time. Antifreeze pooled beneath it when parked is another sign that something is wrong. An engine that is too hot can warp aluminum heads, blow gaskets or even fail altogether.

Before those big problems happen to you, bring your vehicle into our service center at Tulley Automotive Group. We'll perform a thorough inspection to get it quickly back on the local Manchester and Nashua, NH roads.

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