Overview of the BMW 5 Series

A leader in both style and safety for decades, the BMW 5 Series continues its dedication to quality design and luxury options with the latest in technology and safety features.

Integrated driving assistance heads the list of cutting-edge comfort options, allowing drivers to personalize a smooth ride no matter the road conditions. The rear wheels track with the front when traveling at high speeds, while at low speeds, there is a reversal of rear wheel steering for smoother driving. Heated seats throughout the cabin and built-in entertainment allow for an enjoyable ride regardless of duration. The eight-speed transmission delivers a punch of turbocharged power when needed, offering fuel efficiency in its four-cylinder design.

If you'd like to explore the BMW 5 Series in more detail, qualified BMW specialists at Tulley Automotive Group are ready to answer any questions you may have and will even let you take one for a test drive.



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