What is the Purpose of Headlights on a Vehicle?

Headlights are the most important lights on a vehicle. When people first started driving vehicles, headlights were used to light the way during the dark hours of the day or night. Without headlights, divers were unaware of road hazards that may damage their vehicles. Later, when speeds generated by vehicles increased, the headlight became an important warning device indicating the presence of a moving vehicle.

Headlights consist of a lightbulb, a reflective mirror, the electrical wires that carry current to the bulb, and the protective surface made of glass or plastic. Most modern vehicles use a polycarbonate plastic surface to protect the bulb that also serves to focus the beam for increased candlepower and a longer reach.

Bring your vehicle to Tulley Automotive Group in Manchester or Nashua, NH to align your headlights. Aligned headlights maximize the lighting power of your headlights while minimizing the splash of light into the eyes of oncoming traffic.



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