Hands-Free Calling Just Got Easier in the Buick Regal Sportback

When you're in your vehicle, you need to keep your hands on the steering wheel as much as possible. But sometimes you need to make a phone call. In the popular luxury sedan, the Buick Regal Sportback, you can have features that will keep your hands free for driving, and you can know that your phone is always available for calls.

The Regal Sportback has a wireless charging station. Simply slip your phone into the slot, then it will charge. And the best part is that you didn't have to deal with cords or adaptors. And if you need to make a call, head to the Buick infotainment center. You can place a call hands-free.

Beyond being the place that you can make a phone call, you can also use the infotainment center to find directions and play music. And if your partner has a Buick equipped with the same infotainment system, you can even take your user preferences and transfer them to the other Buick.



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