Explore the Buick Cascada’s Performance Features

Buick has crafted one of the most popular luxury convertibles in recent history with the Buick Cascada. This convertible boasts a smooth, accented exterior and plenty of performance features that make the car nimble on the road.

One of these amazing performance features is the inclusion of Buick’s Stabilitrak system. While many convertibles feel like they lose traction on bumpy, uneven road surfaces, the Buick system automatically keeps control over the vehicle’s traction when necessary. This means that the car handles perfectly well on most road conditions, including icy or wet surfaces.

Another important performance feature is the Cascada’s HiPer Strut front suspension. This suspension is specifically engineered to make handling feel more natural, giving you more control over the convertible’s steering and road feel. If you want to experience these outstanding performance features, then you should take the Buick Cascada on a test drive at Tulley Automotive Group.



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