Buying a used car in Manchester or Nashua can be a mystery. You never know exactly how the previous owner treated the car. So, what should you do to protect yourself from purchasing a used car that causes problems? Tulley Automotive Group wants you to feel empowered when making a used car purchase.

Consider these empowering tips when making your decision:
  • Use a vehicle history report for the detailed history of the used car.
  • Take a test drive on various roads, such as the highway.
  • If the car has a sunroof, test it for leaks with a water hose or automatic car wash.
  • Get a second opinion from a trusted mechanic.
  • Ask plenty of questions from the seller while you have the chance.
We hope these tips will be useful in your decision. Keep our dealership in mind for a used car too. In fact, stop by today for a test drive! Let us help!



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