Many parts of the country are currently in a deep freeze with plenty of ice and snow. Winter tires are best for driving in these kinds of conditions, but these conditions will not last forever. Eventually, warm summer temperatures will show up. Should you still use winter tires in warm weather? At Tulley Automotive Group, we would like to inform you why this is not a good idea.

First, winter tires wear down quicker in summer weather. Winter tires have soft tread compounds that stay flexible in the winter. When the weather heats up, these compounds break down, causing the tires to deteriorate quicker.

Second, winter tires have two to three times as many tread blocks as summer or all-weather tires. All these tread blocks are needed to grip ice and snowy road surfaces. Yet, too many tread blocks, plus the flexible nature of winter tires, make stopping and controlling a vehicle in warm weather difficult.


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