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Check Out the New GMC Canyon

GMC has long been a leading manufacturer of small, light, medium and heavy-duty pickup trucks. Alongside other famed American auto manufacturers, they had a lock on the pickup market for many years. GMC continues to be a dominant force in the pickup truck market. The new GMC Canyon is one of their latest entries into the medium to heavy pickup truck market.

The Canyon is meant to be driven hard. The exterior comes with a full-sized pickup bed. There is an optional tow hitch that can be attached to the GMC Canyon as well. The styling of the Canyon is…

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Check Out These Buick Envision Safety Features

Why are drivers starting to notice the Buick Envision? This popular small luxury SUV is full of safety features driers are enjoying these days.

Driving in reverse can be hard enough, the Rear Cross Traffic Alert feature in the Buick Envision is a safety feature keeping drivers out of trouble. Once the vehicle is in reverse, this feature scans the road for any vehicle moving within range and sends the driver an alert.

The Buick Envision is working hard all the time to keep drivers safe from distractions. Lane Keep Assist with Lane Departure Warning will recognize when the vehicle…

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BMW 3 Series is the Benchmark for Small Car Luxury

Since its introduction in the United States in 1975, the BMW Series 3 has been the standard for small luxury cars. With constant improvements to its styling and handling, the BMW Series 3 is still the benchmark of its segment. The Sedan, Sports Wagon, and Gran Turismo are among the most popular offerings with our customers.

The Series 3 is defined by its signature look, which includes features such as a signature kidney grille, the Hofmeister kink and the inherent graceful and powerful lines included in every model. You not only get great looks but BMW's outstanding weight distribution…

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Overview of the BMW 5 Series

A leader in both style and safety for decades, the BMW 5 Series continues its dedication to quality design and luxury options with the latest in technology and safety features.

Integrated driving assistance heads the list of cutting-edge comfort options, allowing drivers to personalize a smooth ride no matter the road conditions. The rear wheels track with the front when traveling at high speeds, while at low speeds, there is a reversal of rear wheel steering for smoother driving. Heated seats throughout the cabin and built-in entertainment allow for an enjoyable ride regardless of...

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What’s inside the BMW 2 Series?

When you get into a sports car, you expect it not only to perform well but look sleek as well. Our team are excited to introduce you to this popular coupe known as the BMW 2 Series.

In the heart of your 2 Series is a 2.0L 4-cylinder TwinPower Turbo engine. Don’t let this fool you though. The engine can pump out up to 248 horsepower with up to 258 lb-ft of torque to give you the power when you need it.

Coupled with an 8-speed automatic transmission you can use the paddle shifters to get some extra…

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The Superior Luxury of the BMW 7 Series

The 2018 BMW 7 Series has been given a prime spot in the top 10 super luxury car market. Ranking second in its market, the 7 Series received high marks in performance and interior, which just goes to show that German engineering is on top.

There are several trims to choose from. The refreshed look, all new interiors, and technology features make it a great buy as well for those who love to drive and have everything at their fingertips.

The interiors are much roomier than in previous designs. There is also a laundry list of high-tech features, including driver…

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What is the Purpose of Headlights on a Vehicle?

Headlights are the most important lights on a vehicle. When people first started driving vehicles, headlights were used to light the way during the dark hours of the day or night. Without headlights, divers were unaware of road hazards that may damage their vehicles. Later, when speeds generated by vehicles increased, the headlight became an important warning device indicating the presence of a moving vehicle.


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How to Stay Safe While Towing

A huge number of things can potentially go wrong when towing a trailer, which is why it is essential that you know exactly what to do in order to tow safely. This means never exceeding your vehicle’s maximum towing capacity or your trailer, tongue or towing hitch’s maximum weight rating. In addition, it is also imperative that you follow these other safe-towing tips.

Even if you have towed the same trailer with the same vehicle hundreds of time, it is still essential that you fully inspect your vehicle, trailer, and all towing components before starting your trip.

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Reduce Your Odds of Hydroplaning

To avoid hydroplaning, it is important that you stay calm and make gradual movements on wet roads. It is also important that you have tires with proper tread depth and pressure. Furthermore, tires should be balanced and rotated regularly for best performance during rainy days when the roads are wet.

Making gradual movements on the road can make it easier for your tires to do their jobs. Ideally, you will reduce your speed during wet conditions even if it means going under the posted speed limit. Maintaining a safe speed may help you stop suddenly if necessary or make a…

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Consider the Benefits of Genuine Replacement Parts

Although spare parts from the aftermarket are readily available and cheap, they may turn out to be more expensive in the long run. More so when you keep going to your local mechanic for replacement over and over again. According to Tulley Automotive Group, by using OEM parts, you enjoy the following benefits;

  • You are guaranteed a valid warrant that will cover the particular part for a period of one year.
  • You are sure that the quality you are buying is right for your car as it is the same as the old part that you had earlier.
  • It becomes…
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